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Changing a word, sentence or piece of text

How to: change a word, sentence or piece of text

Changing a piece of text

It may happen that you need to change a piece of text on your cloned site. This can be the case, for example, with a piece of text containing the word 'Netherlands', which needs to be changed to 'Belgium'. It can also happen that a Dutch word is different in the Flemish language. For example, Belgians will use the word 'webshop' for the Dutch word 'webwinkel'.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that Clonable does not translate a word correctly, or that there is a specific jargon term that our system does not know. Fortunately, these translation errors are always easy to solve.

To change a word you go to the backend of Clonable, enter for example the word 'webwinkel' in the original column, in the replacement column you can put the word 'webshop'. Now every time the word 'webwinkel' is used on the Dutch site, the word will be replaced by 'webshop'. You can then also add different types of spelling. Think of capitalized or uncapitalized, or writing words together or separately. Each version of the word has to be filled in with its replacement. Because this is a piece of text, the 'Treat as text' box needs to be checked in the options menu. This way Clonable knows that the change concerns a text, and you avoid unnecessary changes in the source code / HTML.

Adding or removing a piece of text

Not only when changing text can Clonable be used. It is also possible to add or remove text. Adding text can be used for example to complete a piece of informative text.
For example, suppose the Dutch site says:
The owner is Karel Appel.
On the Belgian site, it might be useful to mention that this is the Dutch owner, not the owner from Belgium. So you want to change this to: The Dutch owner is Karel Appel.
The word 'Dutch' must be added. To do this, enter the entire sentence in the original column, and put the modified sentence with the added word in the replacement column

In a similar way, you can leave out a piece of text. For example, if the original site is a Belgian one, and you want to clone it to a Dutch one. Suppose the Flemish site says:
The Dutch owner is Karel Appel. Then you could remove the word 'Dutch' from the Dutch site. In the same way, you would enter the sentence with the word 'Dutch' in it in the left column, and not in the right column.

Changing the order of text

It may be that you want to change a piece of text, because Belgium should be mentioned before the Netherlands. This is the case with one of our other customers. When explaining the shipping costs, the Dutch site first mentioned the Netherlands, then Belgium, etc. On the Flemish site it is better if the enumeration starts with Belgium. So actually this is a combination between changing a piece of text and changing a preference.

The HTML code has been adapted for this purpose. It is important to copy the whole piece of text, including the part that indicated bold. This has been modified to include Belgium first, and also to separate it from Luxembourg instead of mentioning it together with Luxembourg. This made the order first Shipping cost NL, Shipping cost BE+LU. Now this is changed to Verzendkosten BE, Verzendkosten NL, Verzendkosten LU.