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Changing payment methods

How to: changing payment methods

Arranged in a few steps

If you have a webshop, it is important that your customers feel at home, which makes them more likely to buy things. This can be positively influenced by adapting some words, but it also has to do with the preferences in your webshop.

An example of these preferences is the most chosen / preferred payment method of a country. For example, iDeal is the most used payment method in The Netherlands and is usually on top, but in Belgium it is for example Mistercash/Bancontact, and in Germany Paypal or Sofort Banking. You can easily change the payment methods. To do this, you need to change which payment method is the 'selected' option in the code of the website. Move your mouse over the payment method and inspect it with the right mouse button. You can easily copy the code belonging to the payment method to the backend of Clonable. In this piece of code 'selected' is probably at iDeal, but for Belgium it should be at 'Bancontact / Mistercash'. In the right column you enter the piece of code, but you put 'selected' at 'Bancontact / Mistercash'.

It is important that this is also changed the other way around. Where there was 'selected' before, you remove it now. You will enter two different lines in Clonable. In the first column, you enter the code for iDeal, which used to be 'selected', but is now removed. In the second column, you enter the code for Bancontact / Mistercash, which was not 'selected' before, but is now selected.

This way, visitors to your site can automatically select their favorite payment method. What you could also do is change the order in which the payment methods are listed. For example, you can put Bancontact / Mistercash above iDeal. To do this, copy the piece of code that belongs to thecomplete list of payment methods. You can then change the order very precisely, after which you can place the changed piece of code in the replacement column.

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