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Case: ippontime.nl

Webshop Belgium - clone wordpress website - adjust settings checkout

Case: ippontime.nl

Ippontime.nl is a Dutch web shop for judo gear such as judo uniforms, judo straps, bags and so on. Judo is a relatively small sport in Belgium. Ippontime.nl has relatively high search engine positions in The Netherlands. In Belgium, on the other hand, the web store scored almost nothing. Clonable.co.il has set up this site as one of the first test cases in mid 2019.

After cloning Ippontime.nl, the Belgian variant got the same or even higher search engine positions in Belgium within 3 months compared to the Netherlands.

In the graph on the right you can see that the webshop was cloned in August. It then took a while for Google to pick up the site properly. But once it did, the positions of the keywords rose rapidly. And without too much effort, extra traffic was brought in.

Ippontime.be - judo keywords rankings

On the left you can see how the organic positions in Google are now. Of course the positions fluctuate a bit, but as you can see from the graph above, the positions remain fairly stable from march 2020. Sometimes 'judo suit' jumps from position 3 to 1 or the other way around and then the total search volume goes down or up. What is clear is that the positions of 'important' terms around judo gear are all top 3.

What changes have been made to Ippontime.be via Clonable?

  • Words change: e.g. judo straps become judo belts. This immediately scores position 1 in Belgium. Also because the Dutch competitors all use the wrong term.
  • Customize logo
  • Doofinder script adjustment: for the special external search engine a replacement script has been made.
  • Checkout: country automatically set to Belgium instead of the Netherlands

A year later, the organic results have clearly improved. This test case is so interesting because nothing was actually done to SEO in the Dutch site at that time. In contrast, the number of visitors in Belgium increased by 45%. Belgian ecommerce orders also increased by a significant percentage, demonstrating the usefulness of Clonable.