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Case: spiruella.com

Webshop Belgium - clone wordpress website - adjust settings checkout

Case: spiruella.com

spiruella.nl is a webshop for superfoods, and offers a wide range of powders, organic food and vitamins and minerals. The Dutch website, spiruella.nl, already had many visitors from the Netherlands, and had high search engine rankings. Unfortunately, the number of visitors from Belgium was a lot lower. Therefore, at the end of 2019, the Belgian clone, spiruella.be was set up.

Currently, the Belgian site gets almost 5 times as many visitors as the Dutch site before cloning got from Belgium!

In the graph to the right you can see the growth of traffic of spiruella.be. As you can see, the webshop was cloned at the end of 2019. After this, it always takes a while for Google to pick up the site properly. But currently spiruella.be gets more than 1000 visitors per month. This is almost 5 times as many Belgian visitors as the Dutch site got before cloning!

On the left, you can see the top keyword positions. There is a small fluctuation, but the site has dozens of search positions in the top 10, including some with a huge search volume, such as tumeric and baobab. With the latter, the Belgian site even scores many positions higher than the Dutch site does!

What changes have been made to spiruella.be via Clonable?

  • We have adjusted the logo, which contained the words '.nl'. We removed this for the Belgian site
  • Checkout: country automatically set to Belgium instead of the Netherlands
  • Checkout: payment method automatically set to Bancontact/Mistercash (preferred in Belgium over iDeal)

WordPress / WooCommerce cloning

As you can see in the top graph, the biggest growth started in November 2020. This is when we improved the sites of spiruella.co.uk and spiruella.be. For spiruella.be, this had a bigger effect than spiruella.co.uk, and within 3 months, the number of visitors for the Belgian site tripled! This shows again how valuable cloning a website can be.