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Website cloning: simplify your business processes

Website cloning is a technique that involves creating an exact copy of an existing website. Why would you want to do this? There may be several reasons, including maintaining a backup, testing changes without affecting the live site, or creating a replica for development purposes. One tool designed specifically for website cloning is Clonable, and it offers several advantages for users who want to take advantage of this technology, including keeping the cloned website CONTINUously up to date.

Clonable: An Overview

Clonable is an advanced website cloning tool designed to make the process of replicating a website as easy as possible. It provides users with an intuitive interface and powerful features to facilitate the cloning process.

Advantages of Clonable:

1. Fully automated translation process: Clonable offers a fully automated translation process, allowing new pages to be translated immediately. This allows you to launch international versions of your site quickly, in as little as 5 minutes, and efficiently without manual intervention.

2. Super-fast deployment: With Clonable you can set up the first international version of your website in just 5 minutes. Save time and expand your reach to new markets quickly.

3. Easily customize where needed: Easily customize your translated website to your needs with Clonable. This allows you to customize the look and feel of your international sites to perfectly suit your target audience.

Cloning with Clonable:

Login and Authentication: Users must register on the Clonable platform and authenticate to access the services.

Target Website Specification: Users specify the URL of the website they want to clone. Clonable analyzes the site and collects all the necessary data.

Customizations and options: Clonable allows users to make specific adjustments to the cloned site, such as proofreading, changing the layout, replacing words with lines or adding custom content.

Complete and Deploy: After configuring the cloning options, the user can start the cloning process. Clonable completes the process and makes a replica of the target Web site available for use.

Most-Valued Features:

1. Identical Versions: Clonable automatically adopts changes to your original website, without delay. Thus, the content of your clone always remains up-to-date, without you having to do anything yourself.

2. Simple Editor: Use the simple editor to customize automatic translations. Optimize SEO by replacing keywords with synonyms or add personalized content for your international visitors.

3. Seamless Work Experience: Continue to work the way you're used to. Visitor interactions, such as completed forms or placed orders, are still managed on your original site's interface. No disruption to your daily operations.

Extended Feature Set:

URL Translations: Make your website accessible to international visitors by automatically translating URLs.

Excluding Words from Translation: Preserve context and meaning by excluding specific words from translation.

Search & Replace: Quickly and easily modify multiple elements with the search and replace function.

Search Engine Optimization: Improve the findability of your site with optimized translations for search engines.

And Much More...: Discover Clonable 's extensive feature set to fully optimize the experience for international visitors.


Clonable provides an effective and efficient website cloning solution, enabling users to create copies quickly and reliably that are continuously updated. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Clonable is a valuable tool for developers, webmasters and businesses who want to take advantage of the flexibility and security of website cloning.

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