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Case: plotterwinkel.nl

Case: plotterwinkel.nl

Plotterwinkel.nl started as an online shop for plotters. These are large scale printers for example for construction companies or architects. These printers can easily print drawings and sketches on a2 or even a0 size. Plotterwinkel also sells related materials such as inks, plotter paper and folding machines. Meanwhile, the website of plotterwinkel.nl has become a frequently visited website with many good search positions. Unfortunately, the number of visitors from Belgium was a lot less.

Meanwhile, the number of visitors per month is no less than 10 times higher than before.

There was a Belgian version of the website, plotterwinkel.be, but it scored poorly. In late 2019, we partnered with Plotterwinkel and improved the site. After this, the improved site was cloned by Clonable so that the Belgian site would also rise. In the graph on the right you can see what the impact of this has been. After a little over a year and a half the number of visitors from Belgium had increased by more than 10x. Meanwhile the Belgian version is also a well visited site.

In the overview on the left you can see the search positions in Belgium as they are now. Plotterwinkel.be has many high search positions in the top 10 and even in the top 3 for keywords with high volumes. Although these volumes are lower than in the Netherlands, they still get a lot of visitors. You can see how often the site has search position number 1, a great result!

What changes have been made to plotterwinkel.be at Clonable?

  • We have adjusted the logo, which contained the word '.nl'. We removed this for the Belgian site, so it will only say 'Plotterwinkel
  • Contact: the phone number has been changed, the customers in Belgium have to call another number than the customers in the Netherlands
  • Checkout: country of dispatch is automatically set to Belgium instead of the Netherlands

The big advantage of using Clonable is that after we improved the Dutch site, we only had to clone the site. After this the Belgian site improved enormously without having to do much SEO activities on the Dutch site. This is one of the big advantages of Clonable.